Red Wine and Headache

red wine and headache are not synonyms. Red Wine Headache is the kind of headache accompanied by nausea and flushing and happens within 15 minutes a person has consumed red wine. It does not affect everybody as there are people prone to it even if they have one single glass of red wine. This condition was never register with the intake of white wine and there is not exact information of why it occurs in the first place.

However, recent studies show that not all varieties if wine trigger Red Wine Headache, so the conditions in directly connected with the type of wine you drink. Researchers found that tannis is responsible of the headaches, as more tannis often means more pain. Another factor is that people who suffer or has suffered from migraines, are more likely to experience the headache while drinking wine.

In a study presented at the Annual Meeting of The American Headache Society, The Malbec and the Tannat were stablished as varieties with a high level of tannis that resulted in headaches suffered by tested subjects which was provoked in less than 15 minutes. On the other hand, when same subjects had the cabernet and merlot verities of wine, only a few of them felt headaches.